We provide assurance to stakeholders of businesses, building strong reputations and establishing credibility for our clients. In the process of our work, we evaluate the effectiveness of an organisation’s internal controls, ensuring reliable financial reporting on operational and financial performances and results, preventing fraud and misappropriation of assets.

Statutory and regulatory audit

Provide risk-based audit to fully comply with statutory and regulatory requirements, including audits for law firms, charities, societies & non-profit organisations which require specialised expertise dealing with specific legislations. Ensuring compliance to stringent legal mandates.

Internal Audit

Review the design of the internal controls and business process and propose effective and practical recommendations for improvement. Facilitate supervision and monitoring, prevent and detect irregularities, assist management’s measurements of ongoing performance to improve operational productivity.

Special Audit

Provide revenue audit for rental, grant and certification purposes, and special audit engagements, verifying financial and non-financial data based on specific requirements or agreed upon procedures.

Our understanding of diverse industries and business procedures allows us to work with our clients towards mitigating risks that can impact their businesses; based on each client’s unique business environment, and are in accordance with the  latest accounting standards.