ONG TEH PAC is a Singapore-based certified public accounting firm that was established in 1987. We provide an extensive range of audit, taxation, corporate secretarial and advisory services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Companies operating in Singapore are expected to comply with various regulatory, reporting and statutory obligations. It can be daunting for a company with little experience to attempt to fulfil the different requirements expected of it. Often, such efforts impose a prohibitive cost and detract from the core efficiency of the enterprise.

At Ong Teh PAC, we have established a successful track record in working with businesses to overcome these challenges. Aiding businesses in managing their legal obligations frees up time, manpower and streamline operations to focus on important revenue generating activities.

Mission Statement


We are dedicated to providing professional and quality services, while ensuring that we uphold the highest standards of commitment, confidentiality and competence.

We aspire to be recognized for our integrity, objectivity, efficiency and effectiveness, along with our commitment to highly competitive and reasonable fees.

We endeavor to make an significant contribution to the accountancy sector through the continual process of learning. We constantly update ourselves with the latest trends in the world of finance.

We treasure each and every one of our employees and ensure that their welfare, both in and out of the workplace, is well taken care of.

At ONG TEH PAC, we bring our highest levels of professionalism and dedication to the accounting sector and aim to foster mutually beneficial relationships with our clients to help them achieve sustainable and long-term economic growth.

Ong Teh PAC

Core Values


At the heart of our work here at ONG TEH PAC is a set of shared values that shapes who we are and is embedded in everything that we do.

We are dedicated to professionalism.

We are dedicated to provide professional and quality services, while ensuring that we uphold the highest standards of commitment, confidentiality and competence.

We act with integrity

Our company stands for honesty and integrity. We take pride in being objective, ethical and socially responsible in our work.

We are constantly learning

We are continually looking for new ways to improve ourselves, and actively encourage one another to achieve our full potential.

We treasure our most profitable investment – our people.

We look after one another and firmly advocate work-life balance, because we believe that being happy at work will bring out the best in oneself, resulting in productivity and commitment.

We have a shared purpose

The different roles that we play have a shared purpose of achieving our goals and objectives. We work together and celebrate our successes together.