We assist in professional management of your internal payroll processing to ensure that your online payroll needs are met on time, so that you can focus solely on growing your business, SME, medium and large business.

Application for the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Registration

Administration support to application for CPF submission number according to employer act to pay CPF contribution to all staffs.

Employee Appointment Contracts

Preparation and handle fair appointment contracts for new employee to achieve best interest and maintain healthy relationship between employer and employee.

Monthly Staff Payroll Processing

Handles and delivers timely crucial payroll set up and reports – Calculate paychecks, print checks and provide direct deposits with a swift and simple process.

Tax compliance for Employment Pass

Provides a valued-added friendly support on the most appropriate pass type, tax compliance and associated documents for speedy and hassle-free pass application.

Import and Export Documentations for Trading Companies

Observe regulations and guide companies to prepare essential documentations for clearance, annual filings, accounting, tax filings, and ongoing legal compliance

Provision of the IR8A form for each employee

Assist your employee to file their personal taxes that is required at the end of each year required under Income Tax Act.

Our payroll services are intricately tailored to your business operations and procedures, a testament to our dedication in understanding the ins and outs of how your business functions. Ong Teh PAC provides flexible payroll services that improve payroll management for employers of small, medium, or large businesses, believe in a two-way collaborative approach, viewing our clients more as business partners, in order to provide high quality solutions that best suit their needs.